Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Breeders - Fate To Fatal EP

Fate To Fatal! I love The Breeders, and, as they just released an amazing album last year, I was very surprised to find that they have recently released a limited edition vinyl EP entitled "Fate To Fatal".... and it's really great... all four tracks are very distinctive. The title track is a bit rock and roll and a little shouty, very traditional "Breeders" sounding. "The Last Time" features Mark Lanegan on lead vocals, already giving it a different sound than any other song they've recorded. There is something comforting in the way this track's consistent driving force contains itself, also the Deal backing vocals compliment Mr. Lanegan's voice wonderfully. "Chances Are" is a beautiful ballad, vaguely reminiscent of the Title TK era, but with more melody. The final track is my favorite. "Pinnacle Hollow" possesses a long instrumental intro with light vocals coming in at the 2:40 mark.

Kim Deal is such an under appreciated songwriter. This album really shows the diversity of this band while still being a very coherent album. I have not been able to personally procure a physical copy of this 1000 edition hand screen printed EP. It's now going for big bucks on ebay... want to buy me one?

They are also touring again. Yes.

The Breeders - "Pinnacle Hollow" Buy the album on iTunes

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hooverphonic - "In Bloom"

Hooverphonic - "In Bloom"

Wow. Hooverphonic is soooo great. I love that they covered Nirvana and made it better. Alex Callier is an amazing producer.