Monday, October 20, 2008

Julie London

she's a redhead. her voice is so sensual. if you are not familiar with her.... you should be. You may have heard her hit 1956 single, "Cry Me A River", in such films as "V for Vendetta" and "The Girl Can't Help It". The song was originally written for Ella Fitzgerald... who, by the way, is not as great as Julie... but the song contains the word "plebeian"... and it wasn't appropriate for a black woman of the day to be talking about herself as plebeian.

She is also known for her amazing album covers:

"Julie London emerged as the consummate cocktail siren. Movie star, club performer, recording artist, and occasional television personality, she was also the perfect physical type for conveying aerodynamic glamour in the new age of mass-produced Frididaires and televisions. She was a blend of Dionysian flesh and Detroit steel, streamlined car and cocktail shaker combined. Her cool, sleek supple contours, cobalt blue eyes, and high tech vocals satisfied America's fascination for what Marshall McLuhan called "the assembly line goddess."

Julie London's music also incited a fresh repertoire of amorous sexual responses, making romance more a matter of environment than emotion. Many of her songs are less about passion than about its accoutrements: the jewels, the satin sheets, the colognes, the after-office dinners, and, best of all, the cocktail interlude when many pecuniary deals are forged."
-Joseph Lanza

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