Thursday, January 22, 2009

Credit In the Straight World

I love this song. The original Young Marble Giants version is so nice and lo-fi and soothing and introspective. Then Hole mixed it up by adding an intro and speeding it up a bit, making it a much louder, more aggressive ditty. And NOW! the Hole obsessives, Ssion, one of the craziest greatest bands around, has covered it and made it a sleazy gay disco anthem. Ssion also made a video for it, as they do for nearly all their songs. I love it when bands cover songs and really change them and make them their own. There is no point in covering a song if it is just going to sound like the original. duh. just go listen to the original.

Here are the three versions to sample.

1980 - Young Marble Giants (the original)
1994 - Hole (with the Old Age intro)
2008 - Ssion (gay disco-fied version)

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