Monday, April 20, 2009

Beth Jeans Houghton

Beth Jeans Houghton - "Golden"
This song is really good. You'll love it. It reminds me a lot of Marissa Nadler... but more upbeat, with vocal harmonies and less talk about death. She definitely has a similar vocal quality to her: beautiful.


Arloted said...

Monotonous essay removed from body:

It's interesting, I feel like in our modern day age of fast and electronic and impersonal, there is a movement coming up to bring us all down to earth again. People are beginning to realize that real joy comes from being a human and having human experiences in which we touch and feel and see and use our senses... rather than staring at a computer screen. Or maybe it's more the result of so much of our lives being mandatorily computerized and people are overcompensating in their return to old-fashioned-ness... or some are merely realizing the need to save our planet.

I have been seeing this "movement" reflected in music, fashion, and food especially.

Food is the most obvious, with the resurgence of organic farming's popularity, which used to just be called "farming", and "buying locally". I'm glad Kraft is making "organic macaroni and cheese". That's a huge step. Someday kraft will be a small company again because they'll stop making their cheap-ass neon chemical macaroni and cheese and their "organic macaroni and cheese" will cost more than "Betty & Delilah's Homemade Macaroni and Cheese" made naturally just around the corner. Rooftop gardens are super trendy and everybody wants a garden plot to grow their own food. I think I will have one this summer... yay!

Music made by The Fleet Foxes and Marissa Nadler have this real old-timey feel to them. The subject matter and tones and instruments make the songs sound sound as if they could have been 19th century laments. It feels very isolating and soothing; there is a lot of longing for those loved ones lost in times when medicine wasn't available, cars didn't exist, and when any continent other than one's own was an urban legend. It's really quite romantic to people like me who have grown up never knowing a life without computers and have always wondered what it would be like to not have the world at my fingertips as I type this very moment. Simpler times: a simpler, possibly more enjoyable, life.

Fashion... well... I guess maybe it's just my own personal look... to want to look classic, as if I were from any decade. I just like to look nice... people always dressed up back in the day. Most people's clothing fit them... even if it was dirty sometimes. I don't think I'm the only one striving for this look. I've heard rumors that tailors and shoe repairers have been doing better recently. People want a return to quality versus quantity. Beauty vs. ugly. That's right. Your sweatpants and thongs are ugly.

The depression is helping with people's mentalities too. It's for the best.

Well.. this post wasn't really about Beth Jeans Houghton at all. I'll post Marissa Nadler and/or the Fleet Foxes tomorrow.

Kero said...

I like the idea of people buying more quality stuff and getting it repaired than buying new crap all the time. I think the whole "green" movement is great but sometimes I'm afraid it's a big marketing strategy to get people to buy new stuff and have a warm fuzzy feeling about it.

Arloted said...

it is a big marketing strategy... but that's a huge step in the right direction towards mainstream acceptance. it is no longer "weird" or a symbol of poorness to grow your own vegetables like it was in the 70s 80s and 90s. it's trendy... and the next step is normal. there's always a cycle.

ps the "green" marketing strategy is kind of dumb. it kind of goes against itself. isn't the whole policy of being "green" to not buy shitty things?