Sunday, May 17, 2009


Crush - "Jellyhead (Motiv8's Pumphouse Remix)"

Crush - "Jellyhead (British radio edit)"

This is one of my favorite 90s dance songs.... so good. I heard it in some tacky store today and it made me feel it is necessary to post this. I remember hearing this song as a young lad and being consistently fascinated by the instrumental bridge at aprroximately 2:50 that sounds like the song has ended... but wait... it's still there. This is actually a remix of the original version that was released in Britain. Weird that the dancier version (Motiv8's Pumphouse Remix) made it big in the US. I do think this version is better.

I remember really enjoying their album too. There's a "We Got the Beat" cover (the Go-Go's) and a few tracks co-written by Sarah Cracknell from Saint Etienne.

Crush originally consisted of Donna Air and Jayni Hoy, two British TV stars of some sort. Donna Air sometimes still shows up in the tabloids.

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