Monday, September 14, 2009

Thoughts for today. Glee, Education, and Myspace

I just watched the season premiere episode of Glee. It's a good show. I would recommend it. It doesn't bury itself within the stigmas of either drama or comedy... so I guess it's a "dramedy". The show takes place at an American High School and the main character is a foxy Glee Club and Spanish teacher. There are many personal dilemmas amongst the cast of well-rounded characters. The best thing about the show is that it presumes intelligence upon the audience. The jokes are good and sometimes subtle and they made me laugh out loud. Hopefully, if the show is successful, there will be renewed interest in the Glee Clubs that seem to be dwindling from the curriculums of High Schools in this country.

Earlier today, my roommate informed me that she was the only art teacher at her high school, and she only teaches seniors... so there is absolutely no art education for any students from grades 9-11... and in grade 12 it is an elective. That's fucked up. The public school systems need to realize that art education is a core value and should be treated that way. I believe it should be mandatory at all schools. What is the purpose for people to go to school? To learn. Why do we have different courses? Because human brains are expansive and individual and in order to expand, they need to be shown a variety of ways of thinking. Math, Science, English, History, and the Arts are simply different ways of seeing the world. Art & Music lets people express themselves... it lets shine the basic, most important, lights of humanity. All of the answers are in art... and it's just a different way of thinking from math or science or english and should not be downplayed in our society. By shortening the level of art's priority in the educational system, people are being denied their rights to think the way that they think. It's as if we are being told that art is not important because it's already there in our heads. It's already in everyone's life. True. However, with the mind being clouded by all the other ways of thinking in schools, it is easy to forgot the core of human existence. We were created by formulas.. but people created the names and titles for them. We were created by cells but people created names. History is important, but once again, we, people, created our history. We need to bring it back to the center... and realize that art has the answers to human existence also... we just don't have the names for it. Art brings out the unexplainable. All courses are important in letting the mind explore the different realms of human existence and the means of explaining why we are here and how the world works.

Unrelated thoughts: Myspace has become a great historical archive for everyone's lives approximately 1 year ago when facebook somehow took over the social networking phenomenon. It's like a ghost town with all these unchanged remnants of what people were doing then: who they were talking to, who their "top friends" were, and their daily lives.

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Catherine said...

according to montana youth, myspace is still the the premiere social networking platform. but who are we kidding? they are in MONTANA>>

RIP myspace. i liked you better. more creative possibilities. less creepy/stalky.