Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bang Bang Machine

Bang Bang Machine - "Geek Love" radio edit
Bang Bang Machine - "Geek Love" 12" version

This song is so irresistibly nineties. It's one of those beautifully disturbing songs: kind of light and fluffy Cocteau Twinsy to start out with and then it builds to this intensity where they throw in some spoken word dialogue from a 1930s movie about Freaks. Very epic... and just a hair cheesy... but good nineties cheesy... and it doesn't seem cheesy until you've listened to it twenty times in a row like I have. For "indie credibilty", it was ranked #1 on John Peel's "festive 50" in 1992. Peel said about Bang Bang Machine, "Even if they never made another record, they'll have achieved more than most of us do in our entire lives". Ooh!

"never to be in love": like a geek. Geek Love is based on a novel by Katherine Dunn of the same title... it's supposed to be really good... all about freaks, like siamese twins and circus people and stuff.


Jessie said...

I miss you!!!

Jessie said...

oh shit, how do I make that a link?!

Arloted said...

i love men in underwear. that's a good one.