Monday, March 9, 2009

Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts - "Converging In The Quiet"

I love that shoegaze has entirely returned to popularity... they call it "nu-gaze" now. Kind of like "Nu-metal" isn't that funny. Crystal Stilts aren't really creating any new sounds, but they're recreating the Jesus & Mary Chain with the most skillfullness. They're adding to the existence of "Psychocandy" rather than merely imitating it. I hate imitators. Should I go see them Saturday? hmm... yes.

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Matt said...

hey arloted. it's suchprettyeyelashes. thanks for the comments. i don't write too much on the blog anymore (sigh) but i appreciate the agreement of octolady's insanity (i think at this point the world can agree with us, no?) :)