Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Queen

Today I heard Blur's "Song 2" randomly, and then, hours later, somehow found myself looking up "The Good, The Bad, and The Queen", completely unrelated in thought to listening to Blur. Damon Albarn is in the air... and so I will post my favorite song of his at the moment: The Good, The Bad, and The Queen: Herculean. This man is seriously going to be one of those musicians who is still making amazing music twenty years from now. He's like the "Bob Dylan" of the 90s.. except he can actually sing.. ooh! burn! I just offended a lot of people right there. I'm not really sure if that's the right comparison to make... but I think we all know what I'm getting at. He will be talked about highly forever.. but he's just a bit too left of mainstream to ever be as popularly revered as Mr. Dylan, or those Beatle guys... (at least in America... people are too closed here)... and he seems to hide behind his greatness by pursuing several different projects under different monikers (Blur; Gorillaz; The Good, The Bad, and The Queen; Mali Music; Monkey: Journey to the West). I think he's a bit publicity shy. He just wants to create... he doesn't want more fame or really care. I appreciate that.

I used to be a bit disenchanted with Damon Albarn, because I read somewhere that he and Justine Frischmann of Elastica broke up because he wanted her to be more like a housewife... but, hey, who doesn't want a housewife? That was probably a statement exaggerated by the press anyway... I don't think it was meant to be chauvinistically toned.

side note: Damon Albarn is really sexy.

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